Many people suffer from foot and lower limb pain which results directly from the way that they walk, run or even dance. Whether it be due to movement patterns, muscle strength or passive structures such as ligaments and bone related issues.

Due to this our gait analysis is designed to be a rigorous series of tests which aim to generate an active treatment outcome. An assessment generally comprises of:

Manual Assessment of the Foot & Ankle
Video Treadmill & Strength Analysis
Force Plate Scanning


Whilst orthotics are an option, they are far from our first line of treatment. Current scientific evidence suggests that tissue stress is more often than not the cause of your pain. As such we focus on an active treatment  approach comprised of strength and conditioning, alteration of joint and tissue load, as well as cues to improve running technique as our first line of treatment following assessment.

On the rare occasion where we think insoles are required be assured it is for a good reason. This treatment tends to follow one of two paths:

A pair of temporary off-the-shelf insoles in order to offload irritable and stressed tissues until we can correct the forces causing your symptoms

Alternatively custom built insoles, which are both more durable and are designed to manage complex foot biomechanics issues, such as bony changes or severe ligament injury, which require long term passive support as well as active treatments.

Technique Correction


Strength & Conditioning



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