Small Group Personal Training

Are you ready for Personal Training without the expense?

Small Group Personal Training is exactly what it says on the tin! An exercise class aimed at intermediate levels of fitness but tailored to each individual needs. By limiting the class numbers, we can ensure our personal trainer can monitor your quality of movement and level of challenge during each exercise within this circuits style class. This class is a perfect choice for someone who is keen to take the next step in improving their health and fitness but may not feel quite ready for a gym-based circuits class just yet!

The class runs every Wednesday at 6:30pm until 7:30pm.


Is this class for me? 

The types of clients who may benefit the most from this class include (but are not limited to):

  • People who wish to improve their fitness or maintain an active lifestyle;
  • People who have had a history of joint or back pain
  • People focused on healthy weight loss and improving their overall fitness;
  • People with mild heart or respiratory conditions;


The class is a circuits-based exercise class focusing on an intermediate-level strength and cardiovascular fitness. Each station has variability to accommodate multiple levels of ability and every exercise is monitored by a personal trainer

Our Introductory class is completely FREE, followed by £10 per class or £7.50 per class when you purchase a block of 6 sessions.

Ready to take on a new challenge?
Spaces are limited to 8 per class to ensure high quality of care and medical supervision, to reserve your place please complete the contact form below.


If you would like to book or request information on this class, please complete the contact form below!

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