The physiotherapy team at Shawe Physio Hoddesdon, are experts in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of injuries, physical and neurological conditions.

Our focus is to always treat the cause, not just the symptoms, by working in partnership with you. Our treatments aim to regain normal movement and function by reducing pain, recovering movement and improving strength and stability to provide long term solutions to your specific problems.

To ensure the very best care possible for you, our staff are all held to our own high quality standards. They are also required to be up to date with current clinical evidence and are all registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, Health Care Professions Council and all major health care insurers.

Although many of our clients are referred to us by their GP or Consultant, you do not need a GP referral, just drop us a call or email to book an appointment. No matter what threatens your movement and function – be it ageing, injury, disease or environmental factors – you can contact us today to book a prompt appointment with one of our expert physiotherapists.


Initial Assessment

You do not need a GP referral to access our service.

Your Initial treatment session lasts around 45 – 55 minutes, during this time your physiotherapist will take a detailed account of the problem, followed by a physical examination in order to make a clinical diagnosis. Once diagnosis has been given we ensure we educate our clients on the nature of their problem and how our initial treatment plan works in resolving the cause of their issue. We will also collect objective measures which can be checked throughout treatment to ensure good progress is being made. Although not guaranteed we do always try to give you some treatment in the first assessment, however in more complex cases assessment may take up more of the initial appointment.


By the end of an initial treatment session you should have:

a clear understanding of your issue

a detailed initial treatment plan

an estimated recovery time

some initial changes / exercises


From here on the majority of treatment tends to follow three fluid phases:

Phase 1: Pain Relief

To enable progression into simplistic movement without pain, here treatments may include:

Pain Education

Soft Tissue Massage



Heat / Ice

Passive Movements

Assisted or Active Range of Motion Exercises

Neural Mobilisation


Duration in this period is variable dependent on severity but as a general rule we try to progress out of this phase as soon as we are able, instead of  getting stuck in a cycle symptom relief without making a change to the cause.

Phase 2: Mobilisation

This phase is often a mix of hands-on treatments and early exercise technique work, which aims to minimize recovery time. Treatments in this phase tend to include:

Manual Joint Mobilisations

Osteopathic Manipulations

Biomechanics Assessment

Modification of Movement

Kinesiology Taping

Phase 3: Rehabilitation

We aim to get our clients to this point as soon as possible. We use our skills here to make the largest long-term changes through a mixture of:

Progressive Strength and Conditioning

Offloading stressed or tightened tissues

Biomechanical Adjustment

Proprioception / Balance / Co-ordination


We aim to improve your dynamic movement and control to achieve your full potential for both general function and sporting ability at all levels from weekend warrior to elite athlete.

What should I wear?

For lower limb problems we suggest, for your comfort, that you bring a pair of shorts with you.

We also kindly ask that ladies with a shoulder or neck problem, please bring a strappy vest top.

If you know that you are going to be working in the gym, we suggest you may wish to bring a change of clothes with you as well as your trainers if you are undergoing gait analysis or personal training. We have a complimentary shower on site should you wish to use it.





A thorough and detailed analysis of your running and walking biomechanics.


We offer masterful sports massage and an array of therapeutic soft tissue treatments. Further details here.