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Unwind and de-stress with our pampering range of Holistic Therapies.

Thia Yoga Massage

Hot stone massage

Indian head massage


Our range of holistic therapies by Nichole offer a wonderful opportunity to unwind and refocus, a chance to take some well earned time for yourself and regenerate some energy.


Thai Yoga Massage is a significantly different approach to massage and is a versatile holistic therapy which considers physical, mental, emotional and spiritual elements. Clients remain clothed throughout, although for your comfort loose or stretchy clothing is recommended. The treatment involves a mixture of hands on muscle stretches and compression, through a series of acupressure points and static yoga poses to stretch muscle tissues, improve blood flow and release tension.


For a truly indulgent relaxation try our Hot Stone Massage, the mixture of these warm basalt stones and aromatherapy provides an incredibly calming and re-energising treat.


If headaches and stress are the issue, then our the Indian Head Massage would be the perfect choice to help you unwind.



Our team are experts in a variety conditions and treatment methods. Find out if we can help your issue here.


1:1 Hatha Yoga sessions or group Yoga classes now available at Shawe Physio