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Physiotherapy – The Science Of Movement

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 20th, 2019


I often get enquiries from the general public who are not sure what physiotherapy really is and whether it is something that can help them with their issues. As such I felt inspired to improve the public perception of the profession that I know and love so well.


The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, our governing body, provides the following definition of our profession: “Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.” However, this only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the profession.



Physiotherapy is an evidence-based profession and we use the most up to date science to form detailed assessments of your specific problem while taking into account the greater picture of your body and lifestyle. We focus on offering treatments with proven scientific merit and treating a broad array of issues, such as back and joint pain and neurological and cardiac conditions, as well as helping you recover after trauma and achieve excellence in sports. We also focus on correcting the way in which we move and the way we think about pain and illness to speed up your recovery and/or help you optimise your body’s performance.

As a profession, Physiotherapy truly excels in its approach to patients through two key elements. The first is educating patients about the cause of their issue, which in turn is used as the foundation to the second element: ensuring patients are committed to take an active role in their treatment and recovery.


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Science is showing the medical world that a major factor in how much improvement in pain, strength and function you achieve, is dictated by how much time you put into continuing self-treatments and corrective exercises. With this evidence in mind, treatment time with a physiotherapist is only a part of most patient’s pathway to improvement, and our treatment is often focused on guiding your progress.

So why is the public perception of Physiotherapy often less than the profession would hope? The main issue is that most often that not people don’t realise that Physiotherapy covers a broad array of conditions, not just muscle strains on the sports field or recovery after a knee replacement. We also offer a vast array of treatment methods, which enable treatment to be specific to the needs of each individual, and it’s not just massage and ultrasound! But the fact that physiotherapy can offer such a broad spectrum of treatements make it difficult for the profession to have a simplified identity.


So what should people think of when they consider physiotherapy? I would suggest you think of these key points:


1) Physiotherapy is a profession dedicated to improving the way we move and reducing pain related to a broad array of injuries, illnesses and disabilities.


2) We will use the most up to date scientific approach to assess and treat your specific problems whilst considering your whole body and lifestyle.


3) Physiotherapy provides a broad array of manual therapies and specific prescription exercises to reduce pain.


4) We take the time to provide education about your problem, which in turn improves engagement in corrective exercise.



Still unsure if we can help you with your issue? No problem! Shawe Physio offers 15 Minute Free Consultations which aim to educate clients whether physiotherapy can help them. If we are unable to help, we shall make sure we let you know why and suggest the best pathway for your issue. Simply call 01992 451849 or email us at to organise your consultation today.