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Callum Welch

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | October 14th, 2015

Earlier this year I dislocated my ACJ joint in my shoulder whilst being filmed for an upcoming film project in Austria. When I got back to the UK a lot of doctors were telling me it would take the usual 6 weeks to heal and this was no good as I had been training for the British Championships all year and this time frame would mean I would miss the event.
I went to see Michael for standard physiotherapy and by the end of the first session, he decided that I may be able to make the Championships, just three and a half weeks from competition day. With a rigorous physio routine I was able to compete and even came home with a bronze medal! Without the tremendous effort of Michael and his expertise I would have never been able to compete, which means I would have also missed out on many opportunities I have been given off my podium. A special thank you goes out to him for believing that I would be ready and I would 100% recommend him to any family or friends of mine!