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Elaine Wood

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 11th, 2021

I recently went to see Michael at Shawe Physio with a suspected touch of tennis elbow. After a very detailed review of the mobility in my arm Michael proceeded to massage the affected area before engaging in a round of periosteal pecking with an acupuncture needle. This isn’t the happiest of experiences, to be honest, but Michael handled the whole thing brilliantly. Firstly by explaining what was happening and why, and secondly with a very calm approach and a good level of sympathy about how uncomfortable the necessary procedure was.

Following that treatment some exercises were given to work through at home, with Michael checking that I could do them properly before I left and then I was set until the next visit. During the following session it was clear that Michael’s treatment had worked wonders, and I was back to almost full mobility and much reduced pain.

Michael’s approach was super friendly, very professional but without that clinical coldness that you sometimes find with medical practitioners. The treatments were explained well and I knew what was going to happen and why before anything was applied. I would wholeheartedly refer anyone to Shawe Physio. I have been twice now, seeing Michael and one other practitioner, and both times was met with a high level of professionalism and expertise and a fast resolution of the problems I went in with.

Totally awesome experience from start to finish!

Thanks Michael