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The Importance of Massage – Dan Bryan

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Soft tissue massage helps tissue recover from significant use and injury quickly, mainly by increasing blood flow to a given region, as well as allowing tissues to move freely by breaking down adhesions between soft tissues of the body like muscle, fascia, ligament and tendon to them to perform with less resistance to movement that we would call stiffness. Massage also has the additional benefit of providing a chance to unwind and destress (depending on how deep / intense you like your massages!)
Who am I?
Well hello there! I’m Dan, and I have worked as a specialized soft tissue and sports massage therapist for nine years, along side this I have developed a keen interest in how to optimise posture and movement to improve daily function with advanced skills in personal training, movement analysis and I am currently training to be an Osteopath. My primary aim is to apply my extensive experience and skill base to help you in achieving your goals from a truly holistic approach of massage-based treatments as well as advising clients on their postural, strength and fitness goals/needs.

Throughout my years of experience working with clients with active lifestyles, I have helped diagnose and then treat the root cause of many of their symptoms by addressing issues such as activity and postural muscle imbalances, and overuse tendon injuries. I particularly enjoy working with:

  • Runners with foot, ankle and knee issues to help them diagnose the underlying cause and then treat the causes of new and recurring niggles, I have significant experience in running technique analysis to optimise efficiency and reduce risk of injury.
  • Gym enthusiasts and rookies in helping maximize their tissue recovery, posture and function, allowing them to train harder for longer.
  • Recreational and professional sportsmen and women, helping them maximise their performance and reduce injury risk.
  • General public with postural issues such as ‘text neck’, and rounded shoulders for office-based workers sitting behind a desk for hours on end.
  • Individuals with mostly standing work which often leads to calf tightness and loss of foot arch from being on their feet all day.

More than your typical Spa Massage

Through a brief pre-massage discussion and hands on assessment during your massage, my sessions focus on identifying which tissues are dysfunctional and the underpinning cause of your pain and restriction. I use a range of techniques to improve your quality of movement in my practice. These include soft tissue and joint mobilisation techniques, muscle energy techniques (METs) and trigger point therapy to address muscle tightness and movement dysfunction.
Soft tissue therapy applied in this manner has been shown in multiple studies to reduce muscle pain and improve range of motion and function. One of the ways this occurs is by addressing “trigger points”, which are adhesions that occur in tight or overused muscles. They often present as a “knot” or tender area of tightness which we can feel during treatment, as they are a section of the whole, muscle which is overactive, creating regions of shortness / tension within the muscle belly.
By directly locating and treating these areas with a broad array of massage techniques, we can switch off this overactive region, therefore removing tension from the muscles and return them to normal length, thus, functionally we return your full range of motion. Soft tissue therapy has also been shown to speed up the recovery time from injury by improving blood and oxygen supply to injured tissues, this is due to a response to deeper pressure of muscle and skin tissues known as vasodilation, which is a temporary widening of the local blood vessels.
With more specific techniques, massage can also be used to breaking down scar tissue for both injury / surgical scars as well as deep muscle tears to help minimise visible scars and return optimal flexibility of the affected region in muscle scaring.Regardless of your situation, with all my clients I aim to utilize my in-depth knowledge of soft tissues, human movement science and sports performance, to provide far more than a standard massage, providing a truly individualised style of massage.
Additionally, I will often discuss with clients opportunities to provide a comprehensive personalized treatment plan which usually includes a program of exercises to help maintain and further enhance the benefits from our sessions together.

If you would like to discuss your situation directly with me, I would love to help, you can message me directly by emailing or if you would like to book in directly for a massage you can use one of the two links below for self or admin supported booking.

I Look forward to treating you soon! 

Dan Bryan